Saint Joseph water bottle, 11 languages

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With this practical and durable bottle, show your devotion to Saint Joseph while doing something good for the environment!

Stylish stainless steel bottle with a representation of Saint Joseph and the word Saint Joseph in 11 languages:

Saint Joseph (French and English), São José (Portuguese), San José (Spanish), San Giuseppe (Italian), Yosefu Omuhikirire (Rutooro), Sen Jozèf (Haitian Creole), সেন্ট জোসেফ (Bengali), القديس يوسف (Arabic), செயிண்ட் ஜோசப் (Tamil), 圣若瑟 (Chinese), ਸੰਤ ਜੋਸਫ਼ (Punjabi)

Created especially for the Year of St. Joseph proclaimed by Pope Francis (December 8, 2020 - December 8, 2021), this visual is inspired by the figure of St. Joseph and the close-knit communities of St. Joseph's Oratory and the Congregation of the Holy Cross.

  • Matte brushed finish
  • Volume : 750 ml (25 oz)
  • Ringed screw-on cap for safe and practical transport
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