Incense sticks Mary Undoer of Knots 12pcs 15g.

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High quality Mary Undoer of Knots incense sticks in a 15g pack (12 sticks) by Fragrances & Sens

This rose aroma incense is 100% natural.

Stick size: 21 cm / 8 in.

"It is the image of our Mother who helps us every day on the paths of life. She comes to our aid, takes care of us, shows us to Jesus, leads us to Jesus. We present to her our difficulties, our "knots", especially those that affect the Christian life of our family. And we know that her loving motherly hands, full of tenderness, take care of us," said Jorge Bergoglio (now Pope Francis) in a homily in 1999.


Product code : 087-06-ENCB/RFS/32


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