Image with prayer, Saint Joseph of the crypt statue

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Image of the famous statue of Saint Joseph overlooking the chapel of the crypt at the Saint Joseph's Oratory. This statue by the sculptor A. Giacomini represents Saint Joseph holding the Christ Child, surrounded by golden rays.

A prayer to saint Joseph is printed on the back of the image :

Prayer to Saint Joseph

To obtain a Special Favor

O BLESSED SAINT JOSEPH, tender-hearted father, faithful guardian of Jesus, caring spouse of Mary, Mother of God, I pray to you to join me in praising God the Father through His divine Son who died on the Cross and rose again to give us new life. Though the holy Name of Jesus, pray with us that we may obtain from the eternal Father the favour we ask for…

We have been unfaithful to the love of God the Father; beg of Jesus mercy for us. Amid the splendours of God's loving presence, do not forget the sorrows of those who suffer, those who pray, those who weep. By your prayers and those of your most holy Spouse, may Jesus answer our call of confident hope.


Saint Joseph of Mount Royal, pray for us.

Dimensions : 7 x 10,5 cm / 2,7 x 4,2 in.

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