Carte médaille Saint Joseph (anglais)

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Carte médaille de saint Joseph. La carte porte la prière en anglais suivante :

''Saint Joseph, like the people of your time, and like us today, you were familiar with doubt, worry, anguish and suffering.
Your desire was to be attentive to the manifestations of God’s will.
Help us to identify how we can best overcome our difficulties…
Remember, O most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, that never has it been known that anyone who asked for your help and sought your intercession was left unaided…

La médaille de saint Joseph, ovale, mesure 2,2 x 1,6 cm / 0,9 x 0,6 po.

La carte mesure 8,6 x 5,5 cm / 3,4 x 2,2 po.

Carte-médaille est fabriquée au Canada.

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