Carte avec prière en anglais, N.-D. de Guadalupe

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En anglais.

Carte plastifiée avec une magnifique représentation de Notre Dame de Guadalupe ainsi qu'une prière à l'endos.

'Dwelling in Your Womb

From the dawn of time you are Mother: you bore the King in your womb; you carry the Church in your Heart. Immaculate Mother of the Lamb without stain and first among the saved, the blood of the Redeemer enlightens you.

On their knees, before your radiant motherhood, your children pray to you for all those innocents, who today will pay with their lives, the price of the pagan sacrifice offered to the god of human passions.

Gather up this innocent blood and offer it to the Eternal father along with the Blood of his only Son. We wish to unite our prayers with yours for the coming of his Reign of Jjustice. Protect the unborn from the conspiracy of evil, through your unceasing motherly prayer. Blessed Mother, be the hope of all future mothers.' 

Taille: 5,5 x 8,5 cm / 2 x 4,5 po. 

Fabriqué au Canada 

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